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Fernbank Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Mission Statement

• To stimulate a life-long love of learning.
• To foster self-respect, respect for others, self-discipline and creative problem solving.
• To help each child identify and cultivate his/her greatest potentials. 
We will accomplish our mission by:
Expecting excellence.
Employing teaching strategies, technology, and materials, which consider individual needs and learning styles.
Promoting an atmosphere of caring based on communication and partnership among students, parents and teachers.
Utilizing the resources of the community.

At Fernbank Elementary, we believe: 
All children can learn, achieve and succeed.
Students learn in different ways and their individual learning styles should be met with a variety of teaching methods.
Student learning should be supported through a variety of programs including special services and resources.
High expectations for learning and clear goals are important to increase individual student performance.
Teachers, administrators and staff should work together to provide a safe, clean and orderly environment that promotes learning.
Student and family involvement in community and school related programs enhance success.
Cultural diversity will promote student understanding of different cultures and enrich the learning environment.