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Introducing Fernbank's Buddy Bench!

Paul and Denise Beall and daughters Lola and Stori, Fernbank graduates, wanted to do something very special for our school - and particularly for children who sometimes feel left out on the playground. This wonderful family purchased a Buddy Bench for Fernbank, which now sits on the side of our playground.

For a kid with no one to play with, there may be no lonelier place than the school playground. And kids with an established group of friends may not think to seek out those who feel excluded. A buddy bench is a safe place for a child who's feeling lonely to sit. This is a signal to the other kids to ask him or her to play. Once a child is asked off the bench to come play, the hope is that they’ll have the confidence to go play with their new friends again the next day.


Please ask your children to take notice of this special bench and to keep an eye out for any kids using it. Or if your child is feeling lonely, please encourage them to sit on the bench. Teachers have been talking about the bench in class to reinforce what a great opportunity it is for all children.