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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures
We ask that you now start dropping children off at the designated cones only - via the carpool lanes or at the front door - instead of walking your student into the building. We have teachers/staff and patrols ready to greet, direct and/or escort your child to his/her classroom. The mornings are very busy and your teacher is deeply involved with his or her class - if you need something, send your teacher a handwritten note in your child's folder or email him/her. All teachers are more than happy to talk with you but will need to schedule a special time to do so. For urgent messages, call (or stop into) the front office at 678-874-9302.
Afternoon dismissal will begin to move more efficiently this week. The buses leave the school at approximately 2:30 pm. For Bus Riders: Be at your child's bus stop a few minutes early as the afternoon drop-off times can vary slightly. For Carpoolers: Carpool begins as soon as the buses leave. Please stay in line and remain in your car - your child to be brought out to you. DO NOT PASS OTHER CARS OR BUSES. For Walkers: Students may be picked up in the front lobby after the buses depart.